Loe Pesci - Expensive Heat Vol. 1

by Loe Pesci

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Mixtape over The Alchemist instrumentals
for promotional use only


released September 27, 2012

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This mixtape is for promotional use only, make sure you download it for free.
All beats originally produced by The Alchemist and were previously featured on his "Rappers Best Friend" Part 1 and 2 instrumental albums.
All lyrics written and performed by Loe Pesci with guest appearances by Borden, CeasRock, Lary Kidd, A-Justice, Billz, Ca$htro Crosby, Generale Q, Justice McFly and Osa
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Joe Black for Drastic Measures
Recorded Mixed and Mastered @ The Peshquarters
Executive Producers: Loe Pesci, Joe Black and Thierry Demers
Artwork by Anthoine "Cornet" for Gros Broullion




OG Hindu Kush Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Loe Pesci - Fork In The Road
Fork In The Road
Verse 1 (Loe Pesci)

They say I'm an asshole... I guess they kinda right,
only bad things seem to happen when you try do right,
maybe you sleepin, gotta hurt you for a sign of life,
I'd slap the shit out you but I'm busy here trying to write

the only reason I'd been fiending for that china white,
is I'm hungry, I shouldnt even be eatin' at this time of night,
I'm being honest, he is pompous but he shine the light
everyone is scared of the truth, but what you trying to hide,

budget is off, and suffered a loss,
anything can be a write off, Its company cost
how you build a foundation when the structure is off,
bring in people who wont say nothing when something is wrong

tryin to win is useless, showing liars what the truth is,
its all about perspective plus your mind is rendered useless
I short cuircuit, I'm wired to get the booth lit,
it's poppin like a loose hip and they dying to see me lose this,

Hook X 2:

I hate battle theres noone to compete with,
I hate life, cause some had it stolen from beneath them
and most listeners are only into free shit
I guess the fork in the road is what im sposed to eat it,

Verse 2 (Loe Pesci)
It means less when I write it on paper,
a little more when I say it, it make perpect sense later
I aint sayin' that I'm Nostradamus, or the next Dali Lama
or it was written with nas's consicence, on some I am God shit,

they thinking violent options,
try and rob em, try and pop em
too high to stop em, afterlife be in a flying coffin'

listeners are fiends, and they fixin for a new fix,
should be rich by now and sittin in a huge whip
blue '6-4 like Eazy - E , Ruthless (roofless)
enough loot to alter the future on my Suge shit,

you watch your back, even wit people that crew with
say the truth just for kicks they just walk away if shoe fits
getting confused like a slave on a cruise ship,
the icing on the cake is that you think that it's a cool whip

Hook X 2
Track Name: Loe Pesci - 25 Bitches
25 Bitches

Hook X 2:
It's like one girl broke your heart and now you hate women,
so now you playin' games with 'em and you stay pimpin',
wait 'till they find out you hate bitches, play bitches..
these the bitches that's mad we even say "bitches"

Verse 1 (Loe Pesci)
I aint saying I rape bitches, but I've raped bitches
nah, I'm just playin' bitches, just wanted to say "bitches"
bitches, so inconsiderate and play victims
picking up a handicap bitch'; I keep the Range risen,

repeat our age difference, now keep the same distance
I stay chasin deranged women, with that hate in 'em
same difference, ex bitches was way different..
she was dark, remind you of her, so now it's race driven,

dont chase women, I'm painstriken; I stay drinking
she say she keeping you close, but she stay distant..
back I stay thinking, slang I stay spittin',
from a faint distance, no expression like my face missing

Da Vincy/Einstein; brains of the century..
another reason I'd pay to have her erased from my memory,
forget the damn past, a la "Men In Black" flash,
cut that ass off; the one you can never have back (Get it?)

Hook X 2
Track Name: Loe Pesci - Space Jam Monsters ft Borden & CeasRock
Space Jam Monsters ft Borden and CeasRock

Verse 1 (Borden)

Hundred , ayo I rolled it up perfectly

put it in the air, bad bitch burning purp with me

shoutout to the dope boys, probably got work from me
27.9 did that shit purposely

tryin' to get my money straight
starvin in these streets, got a tummy ache
still stuntin', Jordan Bugs Bunny 8's
looka here nothing fake, I was sellin food on the block
had the fiends like "fix me up another plate"

see me, I'm on the grind while you online
burn a dime, we gon make it thru the hard times
spillin liquor for all my homies that passed away
tryin' to get rich off white girl; Anne Hathaway

Cashius Clay to the rap game...
I don't really want rap fame, I just want stacks, mayne
gettin' high till I pass out
and dream about walking out the bank, million dollar cash out

Verse 2 (Loe Pesci)

Church... you ain't livin' right like a christian dyke
used to swing blades on the swings as a little tyke,
swing my blade in the spring , when the wind is nice,
big surprise we springin' like ballistic knives

you been advised, dont stress that work you carry
attract attention you bet thats burden scary,
kick it with runners, set backs and hurdles vary
knife in your boot, spetznaz mercenaries

we play for keeps, yall just play the beat
custom Hare Jordans blades poppin' out like the KGB
got her ear, then I got her rear
spot her with you, bet she rather dip with me like I'm a chocolatier

in Egypt with lamas, like where my shawarma dear?
Sudanese broad made sushi with the ostrich ear,
massage skills over A-Class armor,
she suck it out a player like a Space Jam monster

Verse 3 (CeasRock)

What we say last longer, like the latex on us
fuck that safe sex, aids test, way passed goner
in a grape vest, suede crest, stay fresh mama
long awaited, rated, A plus

on a scale from one to ten, I am wondering
where the fuck you been?
we out chair, running out of place to sit

it's that Real Life, AGL, why you so bashfull?
rather move music persuing lucrative avenues,
I'mma do what I have to do though,
hail Ceaser, nail beaver, sell reefer

tell Jesus, I'm in hell preachin relating to foul creatures,
how come you can't reach em, had the same teachers?
mad poetic get the point across,
atheltic don't enjoy the loss,

almost didn't make the bills now I overcharge,
act like I know it all, cause I know it all,
so I don't evolve, he's just showin' off
Track Name: Loe Pesci - Pyrex Fondue (Fuck em All) ft Lary Kidd & A-Justice
Pyrex Fondue (Fuck Em All) ft Lary Kidd and A-Justice

Verse 1 (Lary Kidd)

I'm one of the newcomers mais vous m'connaissez
Blues brother shades, sous le soleil, goose color grey
trop de charisme, tu peut pas rester dans piece
en ecoutant le nouveau Jay-Z, who the fuck is KRS?

Chu le best, nah fuck it, chu le meilleure
simplement la perfection, extra excellent,
exceptionelle mais tu respect pas ca,
chu le next lev fuckers, extra bacon sur le Egg Mcmuffin

bottles on deck boy, styrofoam cup
get your girlfriend on the phone pourquoi elle reponds pas?
what you gon do? pasque tu sais pas elle est ou
peut etre que Loes la scoop dans la new Buick coupe

cut up dans une Enclave, pauvre bitch, fuck her up,
french vanilla butterscotch, triple sundea chocolat,
chu comme bitch what you doin' tonight?
elle me dit j'fuck deja avec Loes mais j'veut pas tout les details...

I'm with my man Loe Pesh and a couple broads
he turned to me like "which one"?
-Fuck em all
J't'avec mes boys Lary, Just pis une tonne de broads
Il se tourne vers moi ils disent "laquel"?
Je choisi pas..
si une ugly broad en depression veut fuck aik moi
elle dit "Fuck, come on, fais une exception pis fuck em all"
Fuck em all? X 7

Verse 2 (Loe Pesci)

I'm not one of the newcomers but you know recognize
blues brother tie, shoes colorblind
too charismatic
and fuckers know my name,
bumpin' that new roc marce who the fuck is little wayne

I'm the best, nah fuck it, Jules Meilleur
AGL sur le pull dailleurs
late night at my own crib, we get extra
extra garlic on the french peppers, Pesci

she broke the bowl when she was cheffin up the prawn stew,
now we in the livin room usin' pyrex for the fondues

always do my best it compensates for all the wrong I do,
whats coming to me go thru the the sampler you hear my karmaloop.

rock my own clothing , not a concious dude
the one superstar you never probly knew
back at the hotel , on chill aik des broads
les seul gars en christian dior, qui manage de sfaire crisser dehors
so pull the rug from under me, I get these bitches is involved
tu va voir des chienne chier pour ses dogs comme michelle richard


Verse 3 (A-Justice)

J'fais du rap pour mes cross eyed bitches,
no jokes, duck face, sur leurs profile pictures,
black dress big titties in a big city
penniciline dans son drink, baby sittin aik mon penis in 'em,

so blow a kiss to that,
un peu de pression sur son colon m'appelle Cristobal,
mais criss t'es bad quand tu danse,
braless aik tes petites jambes dans tes Betsie Johnsons

chill au crib de Loe Pesh, J'connais tu l' address?
mais ca vaut tu la peine si ta blonde elle t'aime though?
best beleive j'veut faire des dodo avec elles,
bol de laid chaud holler seulement si ton couple bat de l'aile though,

booty call pas just la fin de semaine,
fait le achey breaky dance donne moi du cervelet,
ce que je peut etre snoopy aik les broads
un rich mafaka slip un fucking 50 entre ses dents, lets go

Track Name: Loe Pesci - Vac Bags ft Billz & Ca$htro Crosby
Vac Bags ft Billz and Ca$htro Crosby

Verse 1 (Loe Pesci)

It ain't international money, that's where the ball drops,
we keepin' all kind paper like cigar shops,

catch me at the light, the evidence is long gone..
you gon' pass before your engine start like a car wash,

assembly line rappers ain't conveying nothing

it ain't a paper chase discussion, I aint be saying something
paint a portrait of him when they hate but they trust him,
praise and make them love him; who got paid and made the budget,

where yall flyin' to players?, career out in Nantucket?
odds are you wont make it, like your damn luggage
but its nothing; overhead on stolen meds
the snake on a plane, cobra head to her open legs,

mess with the nicest, you never seen low ('lo) tags on sedatives like this,
kush got elephantitis, cross over states like a federal crisis,
consider several indictments; thats one
hell of a price list,
no one's business in the booth, if your chest were the mic is,
make you light up your own mouth like uncle fester's invited

Verse 2 (Billz)

What's a chain of command if it ain't polished?
Kept it all connected like my name Vonage
fair trade I made gains off of straight commas
here's a penny for they thoughts, I hate coppers

try my remedy. supply like Genovese
no discussion, had them buzzin like Jeopardy
the high was so heavenly, that it blew they mind like Kennedy
now they eyes red like the devil be

peep the script, yall don't need to see doctors
and 80's baby, hit em with the green monsters
got an Entourage; of course I see Drama
yall are only mobbin' when you eat pasta

that ain't my pedigree, that's false identity
look, 36 zips is an entity
question is do you want the sniff or the Katamine
or do you want pounds of the evergreen; in Vac bags

shit, since you entrance to hear the hash tag,
ironic how the primo in a trash bag... Lowertown

Verse 3 (Ca$htro)

just to think, this ain't even my prime
flow is like a shrine, illegal crime
fly as shit and asian models doing lines

and there's a thin line between on and off,
cause when you on you got friends, when you off you got probs
I been looking for a job and I found one in the hustle
going O.D hard, hoop dreams like Arthur A.E

ballin' blowin' 'Guy (Jean-Guy) and the scouts gon' notice me,
Ca$htro, yeah I bag the game like groceries
triple B, Mason Jar gang, eat like we 'sposed to b
smokin' presidential, nah, I don't need no voters please

just need to calm his dogs as analog quotes D,
why these lil niggas swag soak me?
and I don't get mad, we be actually flattered

you can bootleg but never get down the pattern,
Dreamcasted shooters you never get found
Sega Saturn Desperado shit, signing off like Banderas
young habanera in a all white Panamara
Ca$htro Montanada
Track Name: Loe Pesci - Industry Lessons ft Generale Q
Industry Lessons ft Generale Q

Verse 1 (Generale Q and Loe Pesci back and forth)

Pesci can't believe I'm a threat to these rappin tricks
I herd your doing a mixtape with the alchemist
he knows you from your battle shit, yeah he does but i jacked the shit,
how you mean, you aint chopped, screwed and resampled it ?

Actually, happened is ...yeah yeah you talk a lotta shit
Who's hosting this tape, Can you even afford a drop from him?
Nah im just jackin for beats I let the sampler sit,
I tweeted ALC for a drop but he aint answer yet

Noticed you were missing the touch of a woman's vision
the ones that have a hit, all swear to god that they how baddest bitch`
you switch like them, you show your ass and tits,
rappin bout sex is the the kind of thing the masses dig,

why's it gotta come to that? I'll turn this into battle rap
Hit with you some punches & kicks with the fitted hats to match
I love this bitch...save your fantasies for another chick
You ain't touchin this, (I discovered you) you ain't discovered shit!

First off Im the one who's trying to get us fucking rich,
and shut up bitch if I made a move you'd have loved the shit
who you callin bitch? (you) lets get in the boxing ring
youd be like nah let's settle a peace offering

I aint apologizing when it comes monetizing
you tired of 9 to 5'ing rather make them dollars rhyming, right?
25/8 till the finish line mate, Combat boots
and jacket 22 to your face

stop switchin subjects, got no budget and sex sells
extentions and french nails = cover of XXL
you should fuck with your friends help,
go get us some profit, next time you spit bars
it better be some Nicki Minaj shit

Hook X 2:
who are you to be giving me industry lessons b?
you really there mentally or simply obsessed with me ?
this studio's expensive, if you splitting the rent with me,
you can sit here and lecture me bout artistic integrity
Track Name: Loe Pesci - I'm Just Sayin' ft Justice McFly and Osa
I'm Just Sayin' ft Justice McFly and Osa

Verse 1 (Justice McFly)

Pocket full of grams the same color of canned milk
angle on life sway the same way the can tilt
cant judge a lane by the man's built,
everything trash, it's downhill on a landfill

still remember how the first 100 grand felt
8 ball, snooker, on a 100 grand felt
AGL the team, never took a handout
if its worth doing you should do it by your damn self

no floaties, swimming by my damn self
fleeing the paparazo coppers got them cams out
posin' in promotional pictures to get my brand out
bout to get stripped of my medals, I've been a bad Phelps

movin' weight like a sumo with a handheld
pushin' at the Juno's in a Judogi and blackbelt
fiends with the yak mouth, assed out
sittin in the trap house, you can either breathe or you can tap out

Verse 2 (Loe Pesci)

on this final lap, I'mma give you five cousin,
race for these brown broads; Hindi 500
drugs fucked you up, you slang in your home,
feelin' sly, but you watch your whole family get stoned ,

people hanging off you like a cancer thats grown
even bad bitches brain infected, bad to the bone,
spread to your nerves, now you don't answer your phone

and you just lamp at your home, like the lamp at your home,

mountains of white like in Aspen, buggin'
Christ to the passion, lights for the action
can't change for nothing, radio hate that too
you need some Arab loot to get your playback, cute

don't play me or play myself and I dont play that fool,
look crazy on the mike like a face tattoo
and a big rest in peace to the homies we lost,
you say i been off the walls, I do a throwie for Dock

four letter fill-in, kill all the pain
like more penecilline plus the raw you been sniffin'
of course I was driven, for the Porches and Lincolns,
these cards you were dealt, its better odds if you dealin'

Hook X4
these cards you were dealt, its better odds if you dealin'

Verse 3 (Osa)

Everybody frosty, must be the northern air,
so cold out here my Polo bear's a Polar Bear
when the winter snaps, bubble goose triple fat
something this dope usually vacuum sealed and triple bagged

you on your couch poppin' Seroquel out the blister pack
I'm pullin up parking parallel where your sister at,
hit her once, I don't hit her back
get rid of that, lose my digits if I ain't claiming you on my income tax

dog I'm dying to get back to the bunker, back to my brothers
farm head, maxilight ultras
emerge from the smoke in a fitted,
Burberry coat, blap blap Murder she wrote and you finished

we the best out since Les Stroud, what the stress bout?
AGL conference up at Pesh house
Thrats show up in some Iced out bear grills
I told him last night teeth iced out bear grills

that's some wild shit, Kodiak fur,
switch blade shorties; Cognac and purp
and you can hold that homie, go and roll that with your girl
dog you don't owe me shit and I don't go back on my word

Hook X 4
These cards you were dealt, its better odds if you dealin'