Loe Pesci - Fork In The Road

from by Loe Pesci



For promotional use only.
Loe Pesci rhymes over "Far Left" (Instrumental) By Evidence, Alchemist and Fashawn (Produced by The Alchemist)


Fork In The Road
Verse 1 (Loe Pesci)

They say I'm an asshole... I guess they kinda right,
only bad things seem to happen when you try do right,
maybe you sleepin, gotta hurt you for a sign of life,
I'd slap the shit out you but I'm busy here trying to write

the only reason I'd been fiending for that china white,
is I'm hungry, I shouldnt even be eatin' at this time of night,
I'm being honest, he is pompous but he shine the light
everyone is scared of the truth, but what you trying to hide,

budget is off, and suffered a loss,
anything can be a write off, Its company cost
how you build a foundation when the structure is off,
bring in people who wont say nothing when something is wrong

tryin to win is useless, showing liars what the truth is,
its all about perspective plus your mind is rendered useless
I short cuircuit, I'm wired to get the booth lit,
it's poppin like a loose hip and they dying to see me lose this,

Hook X 2:

I hate battle theres noone to compete with,
I hate life, cause some had it stolen from beneath them
and most listeners are only into free shit
I guess the fork in the road is what im sposed to eat it,

Verse 2 (Loe Pesci)
It means less when I write it on paper,
a little more when I say it, it make perpect sense later
I aint sayin' that I'm Nostradamus, or the next Dali Lama
or it was written with nas's consicence, on some I am God shit,

they thinking violent options,
try and rob em, try and pop em
too high to stop em, afterlife be in a flying coffin'

listeners are fiends, and they fixin for a new fix,
should be rich by now and sittin in a huge whip
blue '6-4 like Eazy - E , Ruthless (roofless)
enough loot to alter the future on my Suge shit,

you watch your back, even wit people that crew with
say the truth just for kicks they just walk away if shoe fits
getting confused like a slave on a cruise ship,
the icing on the cake is that you think that it's a cool whip

Hook X 2


from Loe Pesci - Expensive Heat Vol. 1, released September 27, 2012
For promotional use only.
Lyrics written and performed by Loe Pesci
"Far Left" (Instrumental) By Evidence, Alchemist and Fashawn (Produced by The Alchemist)




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