Loe Pesci - Vac Bags ft Billz & Ca​$​htro Crosby

from by Loe Pesci



For promotional use only.
Lyrics written and performed by Loe Pesci, Billz and Ca$htro Crosby.
"Double 07" (Instrumental) by Curren$y (Produced by The Alchemist)


Vac Bags ft Billz and Ca$htro Crosby

Verse 1 (Loe Pesci)

It ain't international money, that's where the ball drops,
we keepin' all kind paper like cigar shops,

catch me at the light, the evidence is long gone..
you gon' pass before your engine start like a car wash,

assembly line rappers ain't conveying nothing

it ain't a paper chase discussion, I aint be saying something
paint a portrait of him when they hate but they trust him,
praise and make them love him; who got paid and made the budget,

where yall flyin' to players?, career out in Nantucket?
odds are you wont make it, like your damn luggage
but its nothing; overhead on stolen meds
the snake on a plane, cobra head to her open legs,

mess with the nicest, you never seen low ('lo) tags on sedatives like this,
kush got elephantitis, cross over states like a federal crisis,
consider several indictments; thats one
hell of a price list,
no one's business in the booth, if your chest were the mic is,
make you light up your own mouth like uncle fester's invited

Verse 2 (Billz)

What's a chain of command if it ain't polished?
Kept it all connected like my name Vonage
fair trade I made gains off of straight commas
here's a penny for they thoughts, I hate coppers

try my remedy. supply like Genovese
no discussion, had them buzzin like Jeopardy
the high was so heavenly, that it blew they mind like Kennedy
now they eyes red like the devil be

peep the script, yall don't need to see doctors
and 80's baby, hit em with the green monsters
got an Entourage; of course I see Drama
yall are only mobbin' when you eat pasta

that ain't my pedigree, that's false identity
look, 36 zips is an entity
question is do you want the sniff or the Katamine
or do you want pounds of the evergreen; in Vac bags

shit, since you entrance to hear the hash tag,
ironic how the primo in a trash bag... Lowertown

Verse 3 (Ca$htro)

just to think, this ain't even my prime
flow is like a shrine, illegal crime
fly as shit and asian models doing lines

and there's a thin line between on and off,
cause when you on you got friends, when you off you got probs
I been looking for a job and I found one in the hustle
going O.D hard, hoop dreams like Arthur A.E

ballin' blowin' 'Guy (Jean-Guy) and the scouts gon' notice me,
Ca$htro, yeah I bag the game like groceries
triple B, Mason Jar gang, eat like we 'sposed to b
smokin' presidential, nah, I don't need no voters please

just need to calm his dogs as analog quotes D,
why these lil niggas swag soak me?
and I don't get mad, we be actually flattered

you can bootleg but never get down the pattern,
Dreamcasted shooters you never get found
Sega Saturn Desperado shit, signing off like Banderas
young habanera in a all white Panamara
Ca$htro Montanada


from Loe Pesci - Expensive Heat Vol. 1, released September 27, 2012
For promotional use only.
Lyrics written and performed by Loe Pesci, Billz and Ca$htro Crosby.
"Double 07" (Instrumental) by Curren$y (Produced by The Alchemist)




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