Loe Pesci - Space Jam Monsters ft Borden & CeasRock

from by Loe Pesci



For promotional use only.
Lyrics written and performed by Loe Pesci, Borden and CeasRock
"Perfectionist" (Instrumental) By Rick Ross (Produced by The Alchemist)


Space Jam Monsters ft Borden and CeasRock

Verse 1 (Borden)

Hundred , ayo I rolled it up perfectly

put it in the air, bad bitch burning purp with me

shoutout to the dope boys, probably got work from me
27.9 did that shit purposely

tryin' to get my money straight
starvin in these streets, got a tummy ache
still stuntin', Jordan Bugs Bunny 8's
looka here nothing fake, I was sellin food on the block
had the fiends like "fix me up another plate"

see me, I'm on the grind while you online
burn a dime, we gon make it thru the hard times
spillin liquor for all my homies that passed away
tryin' to get rich off white girl; Anne Hathaway

Cashius Clay to the rap game...
I don't really want rap fame, I just want stacks, mayne
gettin' high till I pass out
and dream about walking out the bank, million dollar cash out

Verse 2 (Loe Pesci)

Church... you ain't livin' right like a christian dyke
used to swing blades on the swings as a little tyke,
swing my blade in the spring , when the wind is nice,
big surprise we springin' like ballistic knives

you been advised, dont stress that work you carry
attract attention you bet thats burden scary,
kick it with runners, set backs and hurdles vary
knife in your boot, spetznaz mercenaries

we play for keeps, yall just play the beat
custom Hare Jordans blades poppin' out like the KGB
got her ear, then I got her rear
spot her with you, bet she rather dip with me like I'm a chocolatier

in Egypt with lamas, like where my shawarma dear?
Sudanese broad made sushi with the ostrich ear,
massage skills over A-Class armor,
she suck it out a player like a Space Jam monster

Verse 3 (CeasRock)

What we say last longer, like the latex on us
fuck that safe sex, aids test, way passed goner
in a grape vest, suede crest, stay fresh mama
long awaited, rated, A plus

on a scale from one to ten, I am wondering
where the fuck you been?
we out chair, running out of place to sit

it's that Real Life, AGL, why you so bashfull?
rather move music persuing lucrative avenues,
I'mma do what I have to do though,
hail Ceaser, nail beaver, sell reefer

tell Jesus, I'm in hell preachin relating to foul creatures,
how come you can't reach em, had the same teachers?
mad poetic get the point across,
atheltic don't enjoy the loss,

almost didn't make the bills now I overcharge,
act like I know it all, cause I know it all,
so I don't evolve, he's just showin' off


from Loe Pesci - Expensive Heat Vol. 1, released September 27, 2012
For promotional use only.
Lyrics written and performed by Loe Pesci, Borden and CeasRock
"Perfectionist" (Instrumental) By Rick Ross (Produced by The Alchemist)




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